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Little detail ascend a man taste

The grade of the dress is a kind of life attitude, is also a kind of invisible wisdom and wealth. The seemingly simple clad way, actually all-encompassing. In some special occasions, appropriate clothing will let you get some communication preferential. Men’s shirts, shoes DuoNian to have been the main fashionable classical, but as the workplace of the white-collar you, still please pay more attention to detail, you just need some more attentively will close to perfect, let you taste to upgrade. Delicate deserve to act the role of a your overall modelling add cent, reveal fashionable taste.

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The choice of the colour of a shirt with wider range, white, shallow blue, shallow gray and other single series, avoid and choose to go up DaGongDaLu colourful color, and you should consider and tie design, color coordination. Remember, than the coat sleeve shirt sleeves long out of 1 ~ 2 centimeters, collar were 1 ~ 1.5 centimeters suit collar, to show the level of clothes.


The summer, belt will on the stage of the fashion puts glorious greatly!

This season, although the belt is without any change, law but position, but changes. You need to take it “equipment” in the dust coat, coat, cardigan, or other clothes outside. Can use the same color in the belt of the clothes, also can use and clothes color contrast belt. In short, show your belt, is this summer, you need to used to it!


No matter what kind of professional, you engaged in appropriate bag is your contact card. For men, have a very simple sense bags is the most basic equipment. The colours in the package, or should to classic black and brown is given priority to, they are easy and any things collocation. Particular attention is, if fat people don’t use small size of the package, it will not only make you look more fat, still can let a person feel very XiaoGuZi gas. And vice versa, a thin body also should not be too big bag. Match Therefore, in the selection process to consider their size and the proportion of the bag. Don’t bother, also don’t said he pressed for time, more try, you can find suitable for their choice.


Panama sun hat is 100% of the absolute popular style, also popular, and wide of the Latin style big along the straw hat. They can not only help you to block out the sun, it is to be your part of the overall modelling, make you appear more leisure, more natural!


Sorching summer, let sunglasses let you more add claims, “cool” summer a whole season. Choose a suitable his sunglasses, not only can decorate a face model, has also played the role of summer bask in, is absolutely necessary.

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