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men how to drink water

Humans cannot leave the water, the man more dependent on water

1, tap water

Somebody of men is used to turn on the tap rose up in the morning, then a cup of water to drink, this is wrong. Out of the tap and water pipes night tap water is still, the water and metal wall and the metal chamber will produce the hydration reaction, forming metal pollution, water and tap water remained in the microbial will also multiply, the water contains a large number of harmful substances, also may be hiding threatens human health of an acute respiratory infection-corps bacteria.

Therefore, in the morning twist bibcock, initial water comes out of the tap is not drinking stagnant water, so have this habit, please immediately correct, lest damage their health.

2, long for of boiled water

Boiling water for long after the organic nitrogen, which will continuously break down into nitrite. Deposit especially long boiled water, hard to avoid has a bacterial contamination, this time the nitrogen organic decomposition acceleration, the generation of nitrite is more. Drinking this water nitrite and hemoglobin, can affect blood with the function of oxygen.

So, in the water DuoRi thermos DuoCi boiling water, stove residual in boiling water for a long time, and its components are have changed and not drinkable. Should drink a bring to a boil, not more than 24 hours of water.

In addition, bottled, draught all kinds of pure water, mineral water also should not be stored for a long time. The big bottle or those pure water, mineral water more than 3 days should not drink.

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