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12 a suggestion of Wear the underwear

12 a suggestion of Wear the underwear

1, to work to fit the four corners of the underwear or t-shaped pants type, it is advisable that the two paragraphs can compare with trousers or jeans to work the most often wears the pants “matching”.

2, leisure in the home, the loose even mouth pants when is first selection, the benefit is can let ferial tightly in pants of free activities within the organ in. Hanging out, with a t-shaped pants type for beautiful, can reduce the level of activity (such as a large long walk to produce the friction of the organ in).

3, when motion to permeability better shorts, or similar to swimming trunks, close-fitting breathable material of tight pants as well. Aim is to put a thigh and crotch organ in rooms and the friction between the to a minimum. In addition, designed for athletes design of the motion of the wear underwear is also good, characteristic is in part with a stereo organ in the triangle clipping cup, and hold a reasonable around each article and hold the hips, can make your buttocks more masculine.

4, travel or tourism, disposable paper or cotton underwear is the best choice. In addition, the general white pants is also considered.

5, sleep underwear or even mouth corners of the optimal pants, or a mesh of sports shorts design.

6, the sweaty fat body, especially since the driving of man, not often wear cotton underwear, appropriate chooses feel smooth, absorb sweat and easy dry fabrics (such as South Korea silk fabrics), when necessary in key parts of the bottom with pure cotton underwear, to avoid sticky be bored with feeling. In addition, a wood dyer fabrics, called feel comfortable, and the simple sense of pure cotton is reasonably close to absorb and release the moisture and 50% higher than the average speed of pure cotton, also is worth to recommend.

7, legs thick man suitable for high fork wear briefs, can appear more slender legs.

8, tight underwear, long legs elastic ankle length can be reached the thigh muscle, which is beneficial to the thigh tight, build a vigorous and graceful shape, like love and strong and handsome young man movement.

9, no matter what style, had better choose light underwear. Underwear color the more light, means that the dye with less, look as safe.

10, new bought underwear must first after washing, prevent allergy in accidents.

11, drinks to the underwear, such as sports, sleep. Sports can not wear pants will be important parts of the friction between minimized; When sleeping, don’t wear pants, bare skin to absorb more nutrients, promote metabolism, and can build a cool and refreshing and environment, which is beneficial to the life of the testicles pure process, and can relax body, help into deep sleep, this also is keeping in good health experts advocate “naked sleep” the reason.

12, clean underwear have exquisite, such as the best single wash, not with other clothes shuffle; By hand, not excuse me washing machine; Avoid long time use washing powder immersion, in order to prolong the life span of the pants.

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