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About mens underwear

A dirty underwear with an average of 0.1 g debris

All over the world to microbiologists washing machine, studied a dirty underwear with an average of 0.1 grams of feces, waste have salmonella, e. coli bacteria such as cleaning, drying, even if correct, the above bacteria also can’t completely be killed.

A gram of feces contains 10 million viruses

A gram of feces contains 10 million viruses, bacteria, 1 million 1000 and 100 a worm parasite patient. Although some bacteria and viruses, but most favorable to human body bacteria and viruses is harmful to people. Especially when waste water, food, tableware and clothing, most harmful microbes can after enter human body, to the human damage.

As early as in 1964 years of British doctor check the Cameron by England 940 men underwear, found the man’s pants are from “the hornets color” to “a number of excrement”, etc in different levels of feces pollution situation, so that Cameron was the doctor: “we in the Chinese exclamatory that so many people because of the restaurant table a little tomato sauce traces of such trivial things and big, but at the same time they whine, wearing with feces underwear sitting in the chair enjoy luxurious dining.”

Underwear best a change. Half a year

China knitting association deputy secretary-general when interviewed said, in general, use frequency is higher pants, had better half year a change. Such as deformation, material is qualitative change underwear appear, besmirch dry wash not net, have to change in time.

Underwear for: the longest do not exceed 2-3 days

Life, must develop frequently wash frequently the habit of underwear for advice, every day, especially during the summer, change the longest do not exceed 2-3 days. When cleaning to wear, try to separate and the hand wash with soap. After washing, don’t direct exposure to the sun, first in the shade, and air drying in the sun disinfection. Otherwise pants stiff, easy deformation. In addition, underwear best a separate place, can buy some special to receive bag, or loaded into a clean plastic bags, in order to encourage touchs dirt and bacteria, the influence is healthy.