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Color of fashion

July 31st, 2011 No comments

Top news: Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo’s  Wedding

The stars are quietly married, they age grow up, we are old.
We are now in suit and ties, and leather shoes.
No longer do the hair into explosive, no longer wearing hole in jeans. We are all old…

Talk about men’s fashion.

“Color” has always been men dress the soft rib of spring is a color, will wear the upper season, but with the color of the high degree of saturation, how to choose, collocation became men headache problem. In fact this season on T stage of high-profile neon color has very high popularity, and designers also brought a lot for you reference colour Suggestions for men, now is the summary of the most practical color scheme.

If this season, the colour of the best performers must be Jil Sander, copy is like a ball, the fluorescent orange, candy bright light blue, neon powder, malachite green, all elements of the leap for a man with a aesthetic affair, Jil Sander in today season to men express an emotional-think happiness is just don’t be afraid to make public.

%Men clothes Color of fashion

color of fashion

If you with their body and appearance confident enough, and that spring is don’t give up so bright beautiful colour, just in daily dress, the choice of many bright color of a is enough.

Of green, blue, violet blue fluorescence…… Although are bouncing colour, but united in the “blue” fundamental key, the piece but do not lose grade.

%Men clothes Color of fashion


July 30th, 2011 No comments

Although Europe is the world’s fashion centre, but we should not forget Japan, Japan is also a fashion country, whether the kingdom of men fashion or women fashion.

Japanese tide magazine “Sense” to continue their high-end products plan, the cooperation for the Japanese designer MIHARAYASUHIRO to rule them article this called “Black Sense Market” product line.

As is known to all, MIHARAYASUHIRO specialty of is a colour collocation and material mix build quality, and the famous mosaics from the hand of his shoes is. The PUMA brand before and sports cooperation completely changed sports shoes design idea, to define the relationship between fashion and movement. The Black Market for “Sense” single product design, is MIHARAYASUHIRO and a challenge yourself to try, never in diablo is style, MIHARAYASUHIRO absolutely can say is a new person. Of course, single product did not another us down, cultivate one’s morality clipping, advanced materials, as well as to the baseball uniform such trend single product attempt, let us see the new people can also do well. Fashion and trend this don’t break up, excellent designers can always find the contact, and use the properly.





July 29th, 2011 1 comment

The Skinny jeans brand from Sweden for CHEAP MONDAY is everybody’s most familiar yes believe one of fashion brands, whether coat or pants outfit is, as always, to cultivate one’s morality of cultivate one’s morality if you figure is not very tall word was difficult to control this brand of elaborate design, it looks like we do with Nordic figure gap’s not a stint of CHEAP MONDAY, this time for new product launch in the fall and winter of 2011 edition. Let us see what “and make their skin and bones” dress it.

PU dress held very large proportion, handbag, coat and jumpsuit, joined to men clothes, etc and thin, although feel fashion behind on can present a irregular creases, but on simple sense and other cotton and wool texture clothes formed a obvious contrast effect, a strong a weak sense contrast more obvious design is exquisite, by translucent gauze kind of clothing appeared in the series of the season, and extremely cultivate one’s morality pencil pants, compared with unrestrained gauze more boreal Europe style, and feel at home in the strong Skinny Jeans and formed the obvious contrast. It is on this layer upon layer of the contrast of constantly for CHEAP MONDAYin improve to the top fashion brand, to move forward.

%Men clothes CHEAP MONDAY


%Men clothes CHEAP MONDAY

Men fashion and NBA

July 28th, 2011 No comments

The NBA stopped, people now turned their attention to the NFL.

Well, we have to discuss the NFL.
Today there are several headline news:
1,Kyle orton salary problem
2,Reggie bush transfer problems
3,Sidney rice ‘s up
4,Donovan McNabb ‘s make

So many of the news show? I just want to say, NFL also can’t compete with the NBA.

In the NBA is not only the great game, is more of his industry chain, the derivation of industry. One of the most important is the men fashion.Stars wear clothes are sponsors, whether on the pitch to provide or the pitch, but it has many relationship of interests?

If Bryant not to wear NIKE shoes, so he annual income may reduce a third. At the same time, the company will also reduce part of NIKE income.This is the male stars and the relationship between well-know fashion brand company.Although I hate sports mingled with the fashion brands, but fashion brand advertising money is sports support, must support.

%Men clothes Men fashion and NBA


Now the NBA stopped, NFL came to us, some men fashion brand would break into this market?
If I were President, I will drive up the NFL threshold, because in the United States, now the NFL is the most powerful.

%Men clothes Men fashion and NBA

men clothing for printing

July 27th, 2011 No comments

We come to this season, the most popular of the men clothing for printing the design element of a tail. In recent years fabric printing process by leaps and bounds, designers from the PhotoTee art and literature is restoring ancient ways, will get inspiration of such as a classical painting empty landscape, emphasize the texture of abstract according to enlarge pictures printing fabric made of the picture, the clothes money leopard grain, such as compared with both more grain camouflage sense of art and visual impact, the innovation pattern fabrics, how much delay the current trend of men clothing of the pace of business and middle increasingly.

%Men clothes men clothing for printing

men clothing

Also HusseinChalayan mentioned. The first two years for women clothing design “his time excessive colour” printing, in him a PUMA creative director after the men’s clothing successfully transplanted to high-end regional UrbanMobility, full of future sense, the key still amazingly good wear, simple a medal T-shirt is enough to become the focus of the whole body modelling.

%Men clothes men clothing for printing