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V area for suit

June 25th, 2011 No comments

V area is suit suit visual focus, so in V area where appropriate to add some leisure elements, such as the use of popular this year knitting tie and case grain shirt, or with cool and refreshing sense of tie-in light blue tie, can let your dress code doesn’t look hot, and can let being installed properly leisure once.

%Men clothes V area for suit

v area

Details: with red, yellow and black composition twill brought to bring the shirt, light color collocation that V area appear spell able and refined, deduce a modern college wind. The tie of several kinds of color, each kind of appearing alone are not particularly striking, however, when they are in different width do twill, but it is arranged for whole dress the key props to grace.

Collapse of fine boring case grain: the pure color navy blue suit is the most basic insurance money, hard to avoid leaving the same impression. And in order to highlight their on collocation, fine case grain shirt, and can be effectively make suit to produce a color gradient effect. In addition, white knitting tie is disrupted being installed “a not disorderly” is depressing, make integral collocation of change more rich.

Details: the adornment of convex ups and downs carefully look at you will find, tie the point that is full of bump ups and downs interface. This stereo adornment, it is let assembling pattern deduce free and easy random key point.

%Men clothes V area for suit

Versace 2012 men’s clothing shows

June 24th, 2011 4 comments

Read versace 2012  men’s clothing shows the deepest impression, leaving is that almost exaggerated pop colour: citric yellow, scarlet, phosphor, cobalt blue… Through the wide, strong cropping paved with the whole body, bring strong visual impact, versace surrounds the classical luxury, luxuriant temperament of pop culture into extreme, rebellious contemporary feeling, in the heat of the colourful color and intensity.

%Men clothes Versace 2012  mens clothing shows

Versace 2012 men's clothing shows

And the other side, straight line, broad shoulders and agile, together with the clipping of decorated with golden baroque pattern of the leather jackets and signs style design, Versace surrounds the sense that gives a person can only use “hale” described in a suit,” even if colourful pink suit or black perspective the wind, Versace surrounds the men still short sleeves on beautiful field gas is milan powerful tough guy.

%Men clothes Versace 2012  mens clothing shows
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Today is my birthday,I‘m very happy many friend come to my home。

we had a great party 。

Today will go to work 。

do not foget my website

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three style of jeans

June 22nd, 2011 4 comments

From jeans birth,it swept over the whole fashion agitation, no matter how fashionable change, jeans is always in fashion evergreen tree.

And of course the favor of male star by Europe and the United States. For the star, it is the optimal collocation jeans sheet is tasted, so now with star learn how to play jeans’s supplement

%Men clothes three style of jeans

Wide edition jeans

David Beckham absolutely can be a superstar. The influence not only football but also across to the fashion field,he favorite is simple jeans match. Jeans match pure white sports shoes, pictures T-shirt and a model jacket, it was very classic.

%Men clothes three style of jeans

Hole jeans

Channing Tatum had successful transformation from male model to become a Hollywood actor of the hottest action star. Look at him in the street in London’s hole, the modelling of the have a type that is jeans without “pants” can the enemy. Then the belt and careful attention to his jeans, especially the bottom part of pants and shoes collocation, very good.

%Men clothes three style of jeans

Narrow leg jeans

Chris Pine with <<Star Trek>> become the focus of attention of the recent media. Shirt want what match? suit pants? Then you “OUT” of it. Narrow leg jeans, a test match of the stature, match Ordinary shirts are better than T-shirt.

If you wanna know more about how to wear men jeans?

%Men clothes three style of jeans

PRADA 2012 milan spring show

June 21st, 2011 1 comment

In 1913, in the centre of the Italian milan Prada founded the first boutiques,the founder Mario Prada design of fashionable and excellent quality of handbags, luggage, cortex fittings and cosmetic box, etc. Series of products, from the royal family and society’s favor and popular. Today, this still very exciting and popular shops still in Italy with the social high reputation and fame, Prada the value of products has been regarded as a daily life in the special enjoyment.

Just yesterday in milan, PRADA held PRADA 2012 milan spring show. Mens clothing
The following pictures are reporters to track the first-hand data.
Let us enjoy today’s most fashionable mens clothing.

%Men clothes PRADA 2012 milan spring show

PRADA 2012 milan spring show

%Men clothes PRADA 2012 milan spring show

PRADA 2012 milan spring show 2

%Men clothes PRADA 2012 milan spring show

PRADA 2012 milan spring show 3

%Men clothes PRADA 2012 milan spring show