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How can add cent men wear when interview

Detail 1: color

White, black, cream-colored these 3 kinds of color is called “the joker color”. Man is the colour of the pack is brunet department should be. Light color suit to clean, fresh and though, fashionable impression, but light color suit collocation is very exam work force. The first is to note is that light color suit can’t match the same color of the shirt and tie, should be difference between color inside. Second, it is difficult to fixed size, light color suit choose as far as possible stripe fabrics, spin visual. Finally remember, in a formal business activity, had better choose dark suits, bright light color suit will be difficult to get the boss or customer trust.

add cent men wear

add cent men wear

Detail 2: of line and hem shoulder

Decided to suit if it fits you two key elements in the shoulder line and tail. Suit shoulder line should be reasonable position of the natural fell on the shoulder and upper arm in cohesion. Because most of today’s suit, so the built-in shoulder pads shoulder line should be better than a few longer, shoulder pads the hem of the suit should be long and hip, also is the natural lop hands when the position of the thumb tip.

Details 3: socks

Every man needs to have the match with a suit classic shoes, it can make you deal with any formal occasions are not polite. Of course, with the same shoes photograph collocation is not a trivial socks. If is tie-in dress style suits, black silk socks would be a gentleman, and to choose the length and crus, avoid the embarrassment of casual show sox edge.

Detail 4: mens bags

No matter what kind of professional, you engaged in appropriate bag is your contact card. For men, have a very simple sense bags is the most basic equipment. The colours in the package, or should to classic black and brown is given priority to, they are easy and any things collocation. Particular attention is, if fat people don’t use small size of the package, it will not only make you look more fat, still can let a person feel very gas. And vice versa, a thin body also should not be too big bag.

Details 5: the collocation of the shirt and tie

Shirt and tie collocation is an art. Wear white shirts in each men are very, very good, applicable to the occasion, white or light blue shirt matchs monochrome or have bright pattern of the tie is never antiquated collocation. The shirt and tie collocation to a certain extent on reflects your communicating sophisticated level. Every professional man should have at least a white or light blue get a department buckle buckle shirt. In ties, at least there is a pure or wine red tie for use during the day, still should have a silk knit a flower tie or pure black tie in to a formal dinner for use when instead of neckties.

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