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The man how to buy cosmetics

1, do homework beforehand

Be sure to understand first his skin condition, know what the problem is, what are the required nursing products, which unnecessary may be omitted. On the one hand had better understand brand, clear which brands have special men skin care products, which is the leading products.

2, please female friend accompanied

If you even the most basic of skincare concept all have no, then please female friend or accompanied by the other half to, after all, female or more attention beauty information, or more or less all skin and experience. On one hand they can give guidance, on one hand, we can free you embarrassment.

3, please “experience” of men friends accompanied

If female friend can’t help you take courage, or you are afraid of being they smile, so best have been directly find the male friend maintenance experience accompanied you to that way, may speed up, malicious, more accurate to find you need products.

4, buy “expensive” buy “than to”

The counter for how many BA all carried sales performance of a lot of responsibility, so sometimes hard to avoid suggest you buy this buy that, help improve performance. A wide variety of special group, limited the new product, the exclusive products may make the “first” you dazzling, finally found a lot of buy to return the product fundamental can’t use. So please be sure to tell you of skin problems now BA is what, ask what products can improve the problem. Buy a lot of bottles useless, are buying a bottle of effective.

men fashion Unable to leave cosmetics.

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