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men hair problem

men how to care hair? what is the The causes of dandruff?

men hair

men hair

Dandruff there are lots of reasons, one is the excess metabolic disorders, 2 it is no or scalp, fungi, have three is a hair too dry, four is the hair not clean, and so on. The solution is to insist on every day with deep clean add to crumbs of hair care products, wash hair formula less as far as possible, spray eat more vitamin B, use protect hair vegetable also thoroughly flush clean.

men hair loss mostly because the scalp grease is secreted too much clogged pores, make the hair to grow weak off, called seborrheic hair loss. Ordinary shampoo not applicable, want to use professional and take off the hair product type, and to strengthen the scalp hair growth speed up massage to let.

Excessive loss hair is very hot and dye and the characteristic of modern people and torture of hair, the only way to do only a few hair more care. Men are few give or have a permanent wave, but dye hair more damage to human body, the proposal with baked oil type commonly hair cream, hair don’t wash your hair before, three months don’t dye hair, skin sensitive repeatedly who had better not hair, give or have a permanent wave.