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men wear TPO principle

TPO is English place vinyl object three the initials of the abbreviations. T represent the time, season, season, times; P mean representative place, occasion, position; O representative purpose, object.

The dress is the world of common principle TPO dress dress up of the most basic principles. It requires that people should be the dress to harmonious, with harmony for beauty. Should be dressed and time, and the season coincided, conform to the time of their coming; With the occasion to environment, and different national, regional, national different custom fit; The identity of the person with dress; According to the different communication, communication purpose object choice costumes, to make a good impression.

The occasion dress-men’s shirts selective attention points

Important social activities: should choose to have artistic feeling fine quality of fabrics, color with pure white or black, dark suit for best collocation can perfect embodiment of the grave feeling. Recommend the pure color is dark grain of exquisite jacquard fabrics. Design can choose British assembling a shirt, French assembling a shirt, dress shirt.

Formal business occasions: the choice of high-grade pure cotton fabrics, choose color is more plain and neat plain coloured or stripe case grain is relaxed and fabrics. Reflect composed and simple sense, pay attention to reveal grade.

Work and daily activities: professional free style shirt, fabrics can choose a little formal delicate, monochrome or relaxed stripe, case grain fabrics deserves a grave anacreontic feeling workplace. Fabrics can also be considered according to the personal temperament vocational needs to choose the color of the individual character style and partial leisure point the pattern of the workplace fashion ‘light touch. Design can choose British assembling a shirt, American leisure shirt, brought show fashionable series shirt.

Walking home visit: leisure home shirt fabrics choose comfortable for the pure cotton fabrics, pure color, or stripe case grain fabrics can choose. But if you want to get rid of the workplace and common sense of bondage, stripe case grain colour design can choose partial personalized. Color is rich, case grain larger figure, leisure optional sense will strong a lot. Design can choose American leisure shirt.