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V area for suit

V area is suit suit visual focus, so in V area where appropriate to add some leisure elements, such as the use of popular this year knitting tie and case grain shirt, or with cool and refreshing sense of tie-in light blue tie, can let your dress code doesn’t look hot, and can let being installed properly leisure once.

v area

v area

Details: with red, yellow and black composition twill brought to bring the shirt, light color collocation that V area appear spell able and refined, deduce a modern college wind. The tie of several kinds of color, each kind of appearing alone are not particularly striking, however, when they are in different width do twill, but it is arranged for whole dress the key props to grace.

Collapse of fine boring case grain: the pure color navy blue suit is the most basic insurance money, hard to avoid leaving the same impression. And in order to highlight their on collocation, fine case grain shirt, and can be effectively make suit to produce a color gradient effect. In addition, white knitting tie is disrupted being installed “a not disorderly” is depressing, make integral collocation of change more rich.

Details: the adornment of convex ups and downs carefully look at you will find, tie the point that is full of bump ups and downs interface. This stereo adornment, it is let assembling pattern deduce free and easy random key point.