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Versace 2012 men’s clothing shows

Read versace 2012  men’s clothing shows the deepest impression, leaving is that almost exaggerated pop colour: citric yellow, scarlet, phosphor, cobalt blue… Through the wide, strong cropping paved with the whole body, bring strong visual impact, versace surrounds the classical luxury, luxuriant temperament of pop culture into extreme, rebellious contemporary feeling, in the heat of the colourful color and intensity.

Versace 2012  men's clothing shows

Versace 2012 men's clothing shows

And the other side, straight line, broad shoulders and agile, together with the clipping of decorated with golden baroque pattern of the leather jackets and signs style design, Versace surrounds the sense that gives a person can only use “hale” described in a suit,” even if colourful pink suit or black perspective the wind, Versace surrounds the men still short sleeves on beautiful field gas is milan powerful tough guy.

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