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three style of jeans

From jeans birth,it swept over the whole fashion agitation, no matter how fashionable change, jeans is always in fashion evergreen tree.

And of course the favor of male star by Europe and the United States. For the star, it is the optimal collocation jeans sheet is tasted, so now with star learn how to play jeans’s supplement

Wide edition jeans

Wide edition jeans

David Beckham absolutely can be a superstar. The influence not only football but also across to the fashion field,he favorite is simple jeans match. Jeans match pure white sports shoes, pictures T-shirt and a model jacket, it was very classic.

Hole jeans

Hole jeans

Channing Tatum had successful transformation from male model to become a Hollywood actor of the hottest action star. Look at him in the street in London’s hole, the modelling of the have a type that is jeans without “pants” can the enemy. Then the belt and careful attention to his jeans, especially the bottom part of pants and shoes collocation, very good.

Narrow leg jeans

Narrow leg jeans

Chris Pine with <<Star Trek>> become the focus of attention of the recent media. Shirt want what match? suit pants? Then you “OUT” of it. Narrow leg jeans, a test match of the stature, match Ordinary shirts are better than T-shirt.

If you wanna know more about how to wear men jeans?

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