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MARK FAIRWHALE fashion mens clothing

MARK FAIRWHALE international fashion mens clothing

MARK FAIRWHALE international fashion men’s clothing is an international design great master MARK for the world CHEUNG upstarts customized international fashion brand.

MARK FAIRWHALE family product design in the consistent euramerican amorous feelings, the series product to involve of clothing, shoes, bags, wallet, watches, perfumes and accessories etc brand series, especially in the field of leisure, it is new life view, new dress view current navigator.

Mark Fairwhale is for “intellectual man” quantity body design model of sexual clothing. He will be able to put the a class people’s confidence, elegant, humor, happiness, passion, vigor, composed, and wisdom very meticulous and closest to show it. Unique and charming character image, good design their rich cultural connotation and the life of the mind, in the details of the glimmer of shape, model a classic design great master mind new era of elite image-the perfect combination of eastern and western culture and the collision of a kind of a clap sticks appreciated the modern classic.

MARK FAIRWHALE-classic, classic equipped with wisdom.

jeans mens clothing

Mark Fairwhale JEANS specifically for the sports leisure, personality is distinct preference candid world will leisure the new-rich wannabes customized, have individual character more, JieAo, young, poetic, passion and wisdom of the european-american type sentiments, witty relaxed, self and bold and unrestrained, fu movement to the unique passion and romantic. Design comfortable and contracted, use blacker color, performing the individual character, persistent, puzzle, unrestrained frank multiple temperament, flaunt a new age SOHO gens world ‘regression releases ego naturally’ aspirations.

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