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DIY men facial mask

The patron saint to you recommend a few cheap homemade DIY man you could do men facial mask cheap and practical. Material is also very good search, you might as well try.

Are directly applied or into mud apply to face

men facial mask

men facial mask

First, clean face facial mask

1, the watermelon mask. Twice a week. Can make skin tender and white.

2, the egg white mask. Sticky remove dirt, firm the skin. Before doing and can delay makeup.

3, apple face film. Will apple ground into mud, add the lemon juice and a little salt, apply to face after mixing. Clean effect.

4, tomato mask. Tomatoes and citric piece into the mud, add a few mixing the flour into that. Apply to face about 30 minutes to wash. Clear cell death, deeply clean skin, convergence, acne skin of oily skin and particularly effective. And clean, white, calm effect.

Take care mens fashion,not only 1 way for facial mask.

Second, chamfer facial mask

1, salt (a small spoon) egg white mask.

2, green powder mask. Can send a fire, reduce blain blain develop.

3, oat one-sided membrane. Will oatmeal into water bubble 6 to 8 hours, papaya and skim milk, juice, oats, dry mixing filter into papaya milk mixing. Apply face 10-20 minutes, rinse off with clean water. Can improve the skin coarse, cutin, promote skin smooth sets up.

Three, nourishing face facial mask

1, carrots, apple face film. Carrot to use red.

2, the rose face. Rose petals 25 to 50 G, 100 ML water, rose petals submerged in water, two hours later, broke into paste, apply face. Applicable dry skin. Allergic skin with caution.

3, lime tree flower facial mask. Will spend grinding loincloth, if cold water move into porridge shape, heated to 60 to 70 degrees for cool after. Deng temperature drop to the 37 to 40 degrees, will face film coated in the face with a few layers, gauze, keep 15 to 20 minutes after the clean. Moisturize dry skin, make skin fine, smooth and elastic.

4, almond, tomato facial mask. Apply acne skin have.

5, cucumber, carrot, egg white mask. Nourishing, improve skin coarse, make skin exquisite. Cucumber, carrot into juice add honey drink, will cooperate with mask to play out better effect.

6, fruit juice mask. Can be used apricot, peach, grapes, melons, etc. Add the flour mixture.

7, banana, sesame oil mask. Applicable dry, normal skin.

8, yogurt mask. Yogurt flour. Mild effect.

9, honey, egg yolks, olive oil mask. Replenish skin nutrients.

Four, protect wet facial mask

1, honey facial mask.

2, aloe mask. Maintenance, repair, whitening and moisturizing, restore skin elasticity effect.

3, cucumber face film. Hydrating.

4, banana, milk mask.

5, carrot, mayonnaise mask. To die a natural death moisturizing cells.

Five, close skin facial mask

1, pear, yogurt mask. Insist on once per day. Suitable for oily, neuter skin.

2, seaweed, olive oil (2-3 drops) face facial mask. Seaweed: protect wet, sterilization.

3, orange mask. Fresh oranges even skin dao lousy, dipped into the alcohol inside, if a little honey, placed a week. Remove besmear face, after washing to dry. Convergence, smooth the skin. Wrinkle.

4, carrot, watermelon facial mask. Wrinkle.

5, apple honey mask. Apple pound mud, add honey and flour. Except knit, increase the elasticity of the skin.

6, honey, egg white mask.

7, milk, olive oil (add flour) face film.

8, milk, strawberry mask.

9, Snow White mask. Will right amount of wine in eggs, sealing mouth out of 28 days, tank, and every night before sleeping in the egg whites, to apply to face.

Six. Whitening facial mask.

1. Tea, sugar face film. The red tea 2 TBSP, brown sugar, 2 TBSP flour a little, water right amount. Black tea and brown sugar to boiling water for a moment, cooling to 37 to 40 degrees. If the flour, apply to the face, after 15 minutes with a towel in the wash. Make the skin BaiZhi and moist.

seven. Except knit facial mask.

Almond, egg white mask. With the boiling water, then rub soft almond peel and mash, and indeed is a mix. Coating on the face, after working washed away. Once a week. Restore the luster of the skin bleak, and can make skin moist, exquisite, reduce the wrinkle.

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