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Man face skin classify

Man face skin is corneous layer thicker, pore bulky, grease to secrete exuberant, and most men to their skin is don’t care, so more than 80% of male skin is oily. Excessive greasy skin will not only make you in the tip, forehead grow acne, pimples. Not to mention for long-term accumulate in the inner pore dirties, can make your face looks dark heavy, filth.

Dry skin

The skin looks more exquisite, pore is not obvious, no greasy feeling, but sebum secretion, less lack luster. More vulnerable to external physical, chemical factors, ultraviolet ray and the dust influence, produce allergic reaction. Dry skin to maintain the most important thing is to ensure that the skin get sufficient moisture.

Neuter skin

Neuter skin is the most perfect in all skin, there are the type of skin of men are rare, but perfect skin in the bad environment, and do not pay attention to maintenance will soon be “bad”. The neutral skin protect skin to taste should choose according to season and his surroundings, if you live in the northern climate, dry areas, you should choose a few suitable for oily skin lotions or apply face film, because of the dry weather in large sand, the skin more dirty, so must pay attention to clean, it’s too easy to cause pore bulky oily skin. Living in humid climate region of men can reduce a few protect skin to taste, the local weather is always wet, the skin is not easy to breathe freely, dust also love on the face, so relaxed attached the grandma washing a face and apply so essential.

Oily and mixed skin

Facial often oil and on, pore bulky, rough skin, effectively and cortical thick dark sore acne, not easy the creation wrinkles. The mixed skin central face, forehead, nose, chin have glossy, the rest is dry. Oily skin and mixed key is balanced oil secretion, clean and firm the pores.

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