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men can not eat those food

Many male friends know vegetables and fruits, oysters, nuts and other food can have aphrodisiac effects efficacy, but some junk food will make you losing sex, in this warn male friend, for the most healthy men can’t eat the following five kinds of food.

In the vegetable oil hydrogenation, can be in oil into solid, contained adipose namely for trans fats. Will damage degree, the trans fat than saturated fat more so. French fries and other Fried foods, biscuits, cookies in trans fat. The United States food and drug administration (fda) has set out to require all contain trans fats in food must in the label. The food we eat less still had better.

White bread, candy, taste good, but if nutrition from perspective, it is not the case. In the whole wheat bread into fine processing of process, zinc will lose three quarters, and for the cultivation of sexual and reproductive health, zinc just is very important. The human body is also in the top reserves zinc in the prostate, a high zinc content diet helps prevent prostate hyperplasia.

Apart from rich protein soybean, still have the effect of lowering cholesterol, are very good. But recent research: soybean contains estrogen characteristics of food, excess intake will boost the estrogen level, thus affecting to male sexual characteristics. But don’t overdo, must pay attention “excessive”, as long as it’s not every day that a large number of intake, is not excessive.

Besides meat may very masculine, but the reverse is true. Red meat (beef, bacon, sausage, lunch meat) let you cannot be strong. Saturated fat and cholesterol, including blood vessels to narrow pump blood to sex parts of the blood vessels, congestion is not full, how to exalt? How much more will these are tiny blood vessels, the most easy to jam.

Milk and dairy products can best sources of protein, but they also have difference among. If is whole milk products, then, a wide berth. In fact, high fat milk and dairy products, no less than the harm of fat of the worst is a mixture, the devastating effects may be immediate.

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