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Classic white mens clothing

To a man it business men’s clothing is necessary. So, business men’s clothing must be serious? Is it fuddy-duddy? Actually otherwise, as long as you reasonable application clothing tie-in skill, as well as business mens clothing can wear a fashion, leading the trend. Look at the business men’s wear a fashionable collocation tips.

Classic white

Classic white

Eternal white constant composed
Classic white, is all the necessary clothes workplace men. This type of white jacquard shirt can let you in any circumstances can grace calmly, reveal individual glamour! The shirt of fabric based of taller to the requirement of, choose a double 100% cotton producing high yarn, which is to let this kind of woven shirt has very rich and a network of reinforced, and fabric quality of a material is meticulous, grain full clear stereo, glossy jade-like stone embellish, feel soft slippery waxy. Such a high price any occasion, you are not make public focus.

Super the patron saint dress, white recommended chun xia white dots of printing technology make clothing reveal fashionable feeling, elegant white spots in reflect fashionable rich move feeling. The first goal in collarband button bright drill, have perfect effect that make the finishing point, the faint the waist back design to reflect the male and strong and handsome body model, look to the person, the gentleman elegant atmosphere modern style, also more show artistic temperament.
The world famous Egypt, the longest fiber can be long-staple cotton up to 35 mm above, long-staple cotton fabric mercerizing good, good dyeing effect long-staple cotton fiber, a long, soft and comfortable, affinity skin, breathe freely absorb sweat.

Wind restoring ancient ways in the fashion world, how little wave point figure. The white and the ornament on permanent deformation, looks like a jumping notes, and combining with the general of the Oriental culture, make the most simple but elegant artistic conception composed of black and white shirts and no longer drab, elegant and low-key noble 100% double coexist silk cotton feel smooth, using combed singeing double silk cotton, in effect made than pure cotton clothing and more flexibility and, hang down feeling is quite good, the dress not easy corrugate, and DuoCi washing deformation, let you business and leisure places have decent.

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