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Man how to care the hair

Man how to care the hair? Many net friend ask that. The world health organization will “hair luster, no dandruff” listed as men health new concept in the important a, men hair health is undoubtedly one of the men’s health problems should not ignore the topic.

Mens hair care

men how to care the hair

men how to care the hair


The hair root should start.

With shampoo the hair first, before the comb.

Wash hair, don’t get it all in the top of head, this will only make the hair more entanglements.

Gently with a towel blot hair excess water, be careful not to rub hard hair.

Blow dry hair and hair with your fingers. For hair root of hair, can be used in combs to comb the hair again blow dry. But first the blower set in strong heat gear with a cold wind blow, again. This blow out hair nature have a type.

Hair dry again, give hair spray some nutrition water.

Wash hair:

The effect of shampoo is optimal when wen shui. If the water is too hot, it can make a hair dry and itching. If the water is cooler, shampoo water will not be thoroughly rinse off. If have hair rinse clean after a cold water, can make the hair more luster.

Don’t have to change shampoo, unless your hair changes. In these kinds of cases you can consider change hair shampoo, such as: dye hair or give or have a permanent wave, and in the winter the climate is dry, or you just to join the swimming team. Your shampoo no bubbles may be due to wet hair enough, again dip some water is not to add more shampoo, too many things with simple black will damage the hair root.

Protect hair:

In protect hair element to add a few drops olive oil can be more depth to nurse hair.

First make sure you use the right protect hair vegetable. Protein kind of help to strengthen hair and scalp moist with stamina, protect wet kind can enhance the hair soft and glossy.

Use protect hair vegetable before, with towel blot of water, or at least her head remains on the hair, the hair moisture crowds out too much water, protect hair element to cannot be absorbed effectively.

Protect hair essence to should be applied to in hair mid or hair tip and not the hair of clingy scalp the roots.

Rinse the hair in the comb before fully the hair, make hair conditioner smoothly uniform distribution.

Hair is very important for mens image,so,do not overlook it !

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