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keep fit leather shoes clean

(1) Buy a Leather shoes back will begin to maintain, finish every wear shoes, be sure to put before the dust and shoes, so not only eight sludge can make the men live longer, and next time footland shoes to wear, do not need to wipe. Then immediately put on. Rainy days, shoes wet as soon as possible after must condition. First of all, should first with wet cloth, then wipe clean shoe with dry dishcloth dry. Then find some old newspapers into inside the shoe, newspapers not only can absorb water, and in inside the shoe in plastic or wooden shoes mold, help fixed shoes type. Finally, the work is to tumble when should choose a cool ventilated solarization-collect where too close to shoe, do not heat or fire, of course, the more can’t let the sun direct illuminate, otherwise you will make vamp leather deformation cracks. Additional, if the sole leather soles, except for when the soles can be dry.

(2) FanMao shoes dirty, if dry scraping won’t wipe off. Can use first wet wipes scrubbing, swabbed blow dry after shade in the open air. Stay shoes like dry face when not thousands, reoccupy horklumps FanMao powder brush dips in some, on vamp light brush, Mr. Ing male vamp FanMao will fleeciness up. After continuous blow dry, FanMao can restorable.
With more than 1 for wearing shoes, considerable collection moisture, these moisture after a night, were unable to thorough airing, generally all need a when asked to put all the moisture absorption leather new volatile off completely. Therefore suggest has at least two to three pairs of shoes, so as to daily replaced.

(3) a week shoeshine men use once maintenance of convention, leather shoes on before: surely shoeshine on shoe dust, dirt and old, just can wipe clean shoeshine shoeshine replaced with new ones. As for a shoeshine, must on evenly daub, and too hard to make leather blot out the only: can go dirt without burnish is concerned, even for daub shoeshine too thick, and the permeability of affect leather.

(4) shoes for a long time, if not entirely sends out the moisture shoes, then come down for a long time, shoes left a peculiar stink Canon often, when to use deodorants, security shoes deodorization breathe normally. Some don’t often wear shoes on, aside from cleaning, before collecting oil outside, must use and shoes plopped open, so the stents proportion not only can make the style keep long not deformation, and can also make shoes becomes smooth and easy dry. Finally, will put inside the shoe polysulfide 3 grams, get to dry place, waiting for the next bright beautiful debut collection.

(5) the maintenance is mainly riding boots mouldproof and antifouling insect-resistant eat by moth. Damp is mildewy, bug eat by moth and produce the root of dirt, so don’t usually wear boots should put it in a cool and dry place, and kept a few contain besmear more oil and add the boots polysulfide polysulfide 5 grams of two packages. If ZhanPian riding boots for fur or when the lining in the preservation, shoes, the four packets had better put 5 grams fungicide, prevent hair even worm-ate. Sneakers maintenance, vamp dirty, if the available water are nylon, adding a few scour scrub, after washing, can be in inside bucket jilt dry dehydration. Avoid by all means is vamp residue detergent, otherwise you will make vamp become yellow; Leather face, should be avoid water washing, can choose alcohol wipes, reoccupy clear or white leather protectants maintenance. The shoes should be cleaned in a cool, ventilated place dry, don’t be direct sunlight, lest cause aging, deformation, fade, etc. Wearing process, should avoid contact with sharp objects and chemicals. If long-term don’t wear, had better be in clean shoes lumen into fungicide, lest produce mildew. If no fungicide, be shoes clean, sealed their collection.

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