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how to dispel black eye

If you have men black eye,what can you do? let me give you some method:

black eye

black eye

1, besmear honey law:

In the face of not dry face water and let it dry, then coated with honey in the skin around eyes, first massage for a few minutes, wait for 10 minutes, rinse water don’t wipe make its natural dry, can be covered frost.

2, apply yogurt law:

With gauze dip in on some yogurt, apply is in every ten minutes.

3, hot egg massage law:

Beat eggs cooked to shell, with small towel wrapped in with eggs, closed eyes around the eyes, massage accelerate blood circulation.

4, apple slice apply eye law:

Will contain juice quantity many apple slices every 15 minutes, apply eyes.

5, potato chips to apply eye law:

Potatoes peel cut is 2 cm thick slices every five minutes and topical eyes

According to generally, black rim of the eye all and lack of sleep, and has a certain relationship, the vast majority of people after the black rim of the eye is formed. Genius Such as stay up late, smoking, etc can cause men black eye.

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