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Different shape men how to chooses clothes

men clothing to fit the style, color, it can produce effect of of all kinds and beautification adornment figure. In selecting various costume, need to stand in the body before the mirror pay attention to their shape. Your shoulders and hips proportion, your waist height, etc. Once learned their shape, so in the clothing and its processing can mask can help you improve your blemishes, and the spiritual outlook. In daily life, standard size, clothing and few people, after all, is supporting purpose shape by illusion to achieve perfect impression. The appearance of modified by your clothing, style, color, make whole appears beautiful. If the adjustment of clothing by visually extend some you short leg or reduce some prominent hip, or make narrow some shoulder grows wider, etc.

We through the different style rules, fabric pattern, color factors of different size to be full.

1. The shoulder than coxal type

This type of posture more well-balanced, and choices to the clothing is bigger.

2. Shoulders and hips quite type

Belong to high figure in clothing, brunet with horizontal line factors can increase weight feeling.

3. Shoulder less than hip type

Belong to squat figure, fabric pattern choice, and need to vertical line-shape compares level fabrics. On design avoid horizontal symmetric clothing lines and button arrangement. Choose fine some belt more appropriate.

4. Obesity figure

Obese men on the whole body size of a stocky beauty, in order to look slimmer again, can choose to contain vertical line-shape style, make visual sense have extensions and narrow. Fabric pattern with vertical sex, closely exquisite sense of fabric is a good choice, avoid style with corresponding appear on the shoulder and the waist loose style passage. Smooth shoulder style, v-neck and perpendicular type accessories arrangement, can make you light weight some.

5. Legs short and crooked

The man bent legs type, want to notice to pants and coat collocation relations. Remove theatrical makeup and costume in pigment than jacket should accachment, fabrics with hair texture should be. The whole outfit towards deep attune on unfavorable. On design, coat changes more, see-through should focus on the upside, such as and an appropriate amount of accessories, and so on.

6. Convex belly figure

Convex belly shape man, is considered “belly fat,” has certain verve. In choosing to coat fabric patterns, and some of fabric texture and work to fine. Choose fine some belt, leather shoes appropriate USES black, increase the lower weight.

7. Short thin flat hip type

In the clothing on too tight, should not in outfit have a certain loose degrees. Also, remember that don’t have corpulent crotch. In the fabric with more appropriate chooses the fabric, some texture to enhance visual sense.

8. Legs short and abundant buttocks

This kind of bodily form more attention to fasten brought department, adding some outspread feeling. Many choose some stripe, lattice shape coat and fine deep belt, can move others view, meanwhile, should also be shallow some shoes.

9. My face large and youyang.characteristic neck.it appears

Man’s neck short also is not a problem. If you have a double chin or jaw part of your collar met, then we need on your collar do a adjustment, making it suitable for neck.

10. Shoulder width, oblique and arm coarse

If man’s shoulders relative arm is too wide of inclined, you need to increase the waist width, if choose belt cover pocket to increase width, avoid some wider lapel or ship collars. If your shoulder some inclined, usable some shoulder pads.

If your arm thick short, can make your sleeve length than previously longer and reducing cuffs fold width. Arm try not to have decorations, will appear in the visual longer.

11. Hip turkestan and round back

If a man has a prominent hips and round back, need back with center forked clothing bridged or use soft coat covering the hips, looks back to the hips smooth some. For round back, had better choose some color, texture thicker fabrics.

12. A finger or short or sliver

Finger problems need bracelet into consideration, choose appropriate ring, or the number of matching considerations, in order to the ring finger is beautiful. Foil At the same time, need to keep hands clean and neat nails.

In size, shoulder rake is also the factors considered, have the normal shoulder degree, parallel shoulders and inclined shoulder degrees. Need to get model and shoulders structure with style changes to foil and up. Select costumes and consider tie-in means and shape relations, can show costumes personality style.

13. If you tall words you can choose dust coat and jackets. Of course if was so tall more than 185 words don’t wear a jacket

If your height in 175 under wear a jacket was better, show the spirit of high.

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