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10 point for men shave

Man can not love, but not shaving, everyday shave such as dinner, is a man will do.

Beard every day in growth, you may one day to ignore, two days to ignore, but don’t you dare week ignore? Crazy throughout his chin, unless you go wild pie route, otherwise is to you at a respectful distance.

men shave 1

men shave 1

1, time to choose to the early morning shaving is first selection

People in sleep metabolism will accelerate, sebum secretion exuberant, after a night of retirement, hair “crazy” long, so the morning is the best shaving time. Moreover the time skin will more relaxed, shaving can reduce the scratches on the skin.

2, avoid by all means shaving from all directions

Some people beard grow a little “disorganized”, avoid by all means don’t literally of from all directions shaving, this would only will cut short beard, thus formed fall beard.

3, before bath forbidden shaving

After shaving, the skin can have minimally invasive, even invisible is sensitive, if this time for bathing, shampoo, bath liquid and hot water to wait for a few times, can cause skin is unwell, serious will be red and inflammation.

4, before motion forbidden shaving

Exercise body blood circulation faster, secrete plenty sweat, this will stimulate skin, also make disruptions to the skin to produce discomfort even infection.

5, 26 degrees shaving law

The correct shaving gimmick do? First tight skin, can reduce razor on the skin, daub resistance amount of shaving cream, order first driving the, two buccal and neck, then scrape jaw, ideal Angle for 26 degrees or so, decrease as far as possible back to scrape.

6, don’t shave hair removal grains

Every time the beard don’t shave off too clean, shave hair removal grain also easy to produce pour beard.

7, beard inward growth disable tweezers. Pull

If the beard inward growth? Don’t use tweezers to pull out it, should be careful to pull out, reoccupy razor scrape, then use aftershave and nourish the skin. Product maintenance

8, nursing is more important

Shaving traumas of the skin, not only such, “beard” area than other parts of the skin are more likely to dry, then after-shave nursing is particularly important.

The correct shaving program is: basic shaving, after shaving nursing (aftershave), basic skin care program (toner, facial moisturizing lotion, sunscreen).

9, irreplaceable indicates aftershave toner

Although with water, but “aftershave” and “toner” concept and function strikingly different. After shaving use aftershave, its main nursing beard regional skin; And toner is in after clean face, with whole face is aimed at the clean after nursing care.

10, use relaxed skin care products

Male sebaceous glands and developed, corneous layer CuHou, so look more a gentleman, but more oily gloss, need to use relaxed lotion or moisturizing gel, can regulate calm after shaving skin with water, oil, improve the oil inhibitory phenomenon.


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    That’s really awesome information for all men who shave on a regularly basis including me, because your skin is very soft and you have to know how to shave.

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