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These food can alleviate the mens pressure

Now,in this world,men have more and more pressure.

Then,how to alleviate mens pressure? I introduce these foods, not only delicious, but also can alleviate man pressure.

man pressure

man pressure

Nicotinic acid:
Also called vitamin B3, is body energy and metabolism not processed-food. The diet if lack, initial easy to have emotional instability, tension, dull, irritability, etc phenomenon to appear, cause physical spirit low.

Vitamin B1:
Vitamin B1 participation body energy metabolism, also amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism one of the auxiliary enzymes. When the body is deprived, will have to vibration fatigue, listless tired feeling, come down for a long time can cause the body pressure.
Rich source: whole grains, lean meat, milk, animal innards, beans, yeast, etc.

Vitamin B2:
In the human body can be united in wedlock with protein, form many different important enzyme, participate in the body metabolism. Lack of easily when has muscle endurance and insufficient fatigue phenomenon.
Rich source: milk, whole grains, meat, eggs, yeast, etc.

Vitamin B12:
Not only maintain all the normal cell metabolism, is also the important element, red blood cells generate if absorbs inadequacy, can cause anemia that oxygen levels, and body fatigue phenomenon.
Rich source: anchovies, meat, oysters, salmon, milk products, etc.

Calcium in addition to the teeth and bones is composed of, it still participate in nerve conduction, your muscles will relax the important role of hormones like role. So emotional antsy, moderate compensatory calcium AnFu mood, has a good effect.
Rich source: milk, anchovies, yogurt, tofu etc.

Vitamin C:
Have good antioxidant effect, can remove produced by pressure and external environments of free radicals, and participate in the body oxidation ring original metabolic reactions. Under pressure, the body will consume more under the vitamin C, so when you are nervous, while under pressure, vitamin C supplements is indispensable.
Rich source: cauliflower, LuDouYa, orange, kiwi, bell peppers, etc.

In addition to promote growth, organ development role, zinc is about 70 kinds of above enzyme parts, stable in the role of emotion, reduce fatigue, against oxidation, enhance immunity is one of the important elements.
Rich source: oysters, clams, oyster, beef, lean lean, whole grains, etc.

More than 300 kinds of enzyme activation in need magnesium, in addition to participate in energy metabolism, magnesium also have stable nerve system effect, appropriate supplements can help muscle relieving stress.
Rich source: five corn, meat, brunet vegetables, seafood food, etc.

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