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How can add cent men wear when interview

June 30th, 2011 No comments

Detail 1: color

White, black, cream-colored these 3 kinds of color is called “the joker color”. Man is the colour of the pack is brunet department should be. Light color suit to clean, fresh and though, fashionable impression, but light color suit collocation is very exam work force. The first is to note is that light color suit can’t match the same color of the shirt and tie, should be difference between color inside. Second, it is difficult to fixed size, light color suit choose as far as possible stripe fabrics, spin visual. Finally remember, in a formal business activity, had better choose dark suits, bright light color suit will be difficult to get the boss or customer trust.

add cent men wear

add cent men wear

Detail 2: of line and hem shoulder

Decided to suit if it fits you two key elements in the shoulder line and tail. Suit shoulder line should be reasonable position of the natural fell on the shoulder and upper arm in cohesion. Because most of today’s suit, so the built-in shoulder pads shoulder line should be better than a few longer, shoulder pads the hem of the suit should be long and hip, also is the natural lop hands when the position of the thumb tip.

Details 3: socks

Every man needs to have the match with a suit classic shoes, it can make you deal with any formal occasions are not polite. Of course, with the same shoes photograph collocation is not a trivial socks. If is tie-in dress style suits, black silk socks would be a gentleman, and to choose the length and crus, avoid the embarrassment of casual show sox edge.

Detail 4: mens bags

No matter what kind of professional, you engaged in appropriate bag is your contact card. For men, have a very simple sense bags is the most basic equipment. The colours in the package, or should to classic black and brown is given priority to, they are easy and any things collocation. Particular attention is, if fat people don’t use small size of the package, it will not only make you look more fat, still can let a person feel very gas. And vice versa, a thin body also should not be too big bag.

Details 5: the collocation of the shirt and tie

Shirt and tie collocation is an art. Wear white shirts in each men are very, very good, applicable to the occasion, white or light blue shirt matchs monochrome or have bright pattern of the tie is never antiquated collocation. The shirt and tie collocation to a certain extent on reflects your communicating sophisticated level. Every professional man should have at least a white or light blue get a department buckle buckle shirt. In ties, at least there is a pure or wine red tie for use during the day, still should have a silk knit a flower tie or pure black tie in to a formal dinner for use when instead of neckties.


The man how to buy cosmetics

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1, do homework beforehand

Be sure to understand first his skin condition, know what the problem is, what are the required nursing products, which unnecessary may be omitted. On the one hand had better understand brand, clear which brands have special men skin care products, which is the leading products.

2, please female friend accompanied

If you even the most basic of skincare concept all have no, then please female friend or accompanied by the other half to, after all, female or more attention beauty information, or more or less all skin and experience. On one hand they can give guidance, on one hand, we can free you embarrassment.

3, please “experience” of men friends accompanied

If female friend can’t help you take courage, or you are afraid of being they smile, so best have been directly find the male friend maintenance experience accompanied you to that way, may speed up, malicious, more accurate to find you need products.

4, buy “expensive” buy “than to”

The counter for how many BA all carried sales performance of a lot of responsibility, so sometimes hard to avoid suggest you buy this buy that, help improve performance. A wide variety of special group, limited the new product, the exclusive products may make the “first” you dazzling, finally found a lot of buy to return the product fundamental can’t use. So please be sure to tell you of skin problems now BA is what, ask what products can improve the problem. Buy a lot of bottles useless, are buying a bottle of effective.

men fashion Unable to leave cosmetics.


This week are not busy

June 28th, 2011 No comments

Focus on men fashion, focus on men clothes.

Recently discovered a things in Google, enter site:, found that the website homepage is not in the first place. Mean the, what reason is this?

Have a lot of friends and I say this means that site has been punished!!!!!

But I’m still believe that Google’s, after all, every day it bring me a lot of a lot of visitors.

The recent week is dull, in addition to PRADA 2012 milan spring show, other place no more grand fashion show, so this, to me, is like a holiday similar!

Hope to work up next week.


men hair problem

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men how to care hair? what is the The causes of dandruff?

men hair

men hair

Dandruff there are lots of reasons, one is the excess metabolic disorders, 2 it is no or scalp, fungi, have three is a hair too dry, four is the hair not clean, and so on. The solution is to insist on every day with deep clean add to crumbs of hair care products, wash hair formula less as far as possible, spray eat more vitamin B, use protect hair vegetable also thoroughly flush clean.

men hair loss mostly because the scalp grease is secreted too much clogged pores, make the hair to grow weak off, called seborrheic hair loss. Ordinary shampoo not applicable, want to use professional and take off the hair product type, and to strengthen the scalp hair growth speed up massage to let.

Excessive loss hair is very hot and dye and the characteristic of modern people and torture of hair, the only way to do only a few hair more care. Men are few give or have a permanent wave, but dye hair more damage to human body, the proposal with baked oil type commonly hair cream, hair don’t wash your hair before, three months don’t dye hair, skin sensitive repeatedly who had better not hair, give or have a permanent wave.


men wear TPO principle

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TPO is English place vinyl object three the initials of the abbreviations. T represent the time, season, season, times; P mean representative place, occasion, position; O representative purpose, object.

The dress is the world of common principle TPO dress dress up of the most basic principles. It requires that people should be the dress to harmonious, with harmony for beauty. Should be dressed and time, and the season coincided, conform to the time of their coming; With the occasion to environment, and different national, regional, national different custom fit; The identity of the person with dress; According to the different communication, communication purpose object choice costumes, to make a good impression.

The occasion dress-men’s shirts selective attention points

Important social activities: should choose to have artistic feeling fine quality of fabrics, color with pure white or black, dark suit for best collocation can perfect embodiment of the grave feeling. Recommend the pure color is dark grain of exquisite jacquard fabrics. Design can choose British assembling a shirt, French assembling a shirt, dress shirt.

Formal business occasions: the choice of high-grade pure cotton fabrics, choose color is more plain and neat plain coloured or stripe case grain is relaxed and fabrics. Reflect composed and simple sense, pay attention to reveal grade.

Work and daily activities: professional free style shirt, fabrics can choose a little formal delicate, monochrome or relaxed stripe, case grain fabrics deserves a grave anacreontic feeling workplace. Fabrics can also be considered according to the personal temperament vocational needs to choose the color of the individual character style and partial leisure point the pattern of the workplace fashion ‘light touch. Design can choose British assembling a shirt, American leisure shirt, brought show fashionable series shirt.

Walking home visit: leisure home shirt fabrics choose comfortable for the pure cotton fabrics, pure color, or stripe case grain fabrics can choose. But if you want to get rid of the workplace and common sense of bondage, stripe case grain colour design can choose partial personalized. Color is rich, case grain larger figure, leisure optional sense will strong a lot. Design can choose American leisure shirt.