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men shave 5 knack

May 26th, 2011 1 comment

General men will choose in the morning shave, and it is with an electric razors in a hurry, but this has brought the shaving methods on the skin is not only the benefits, but also not easy shave clean. However the patron saint of the treat yourself shaving work is very serious, you have to learn it.

%Men clothes men shave 5 knack

men shave

For shaving this matter, many buddy is every day is “in a hurry to and hurried to”, slovenly treat? Or with an electric razor edge scrolling shaving, edge thinking about just the mess of things? Many times, female people beauty & skin care, except pursue the perfect results besides, more important is that they enjoy the process, so men why not enjoy the daily shave with this wonderful process? Hey, don’t put shaving as routine, also don’t evade said there was no time! As long as you spend 10 minutes, you can also will shave into your life five-star enjoy!

In this day and age, from west to east are to blow a cold wind “, “videotape when these men a lot attention you look collocation, focused on their skin care, to oneself facial skin care, fast like a woman! But up the weak-weak to say, even if it is the delicate “pretty boy”, also is not capable of shaving way! But for ordinary men, that even more miserable, especially for business male gens, they thought they had the schedule of filled in every day, where there are other full time to so-called “enjoy” shave?

So below I just to tell you, how will you every day in the ten minutes before the lavatory became five-star enjoyment. As long as you remember the following five steps, you can do it! Read more…

%Men clothes men shave 5 knack

men wear suit in summer

May 25th, 2011 1 comment

Lighter color is the advocate tone of spring summer men clothing more beautiful is this season , but never content of pure man can not be satisfied with such a single tunes of different fabric and texture, the bold attempt to meet a man adventure nature. Blazer wearing can easily do it alone two fitting for day and night, new spring and summer suit and innovation for us to bring new tie-in medium-sized together. In addition, autumn winter up collar agitation of assessing common coat continues to the present spring and summer men clothing collocation. All these if you haven’t follow up, that hurriedly to cram.

%Men clothes men wear suit in summer

mens summer wear blue suit

All say black and gray is a man’s best friend, but don’t forget to actually we have blue can choose. The lake blue suit as fashion colour is tie-in similar pale violet blue shirt, color of excessive is very harmonious.

%Men clothes men wear suit in summer

mens summer clothing distinctive T-shirt

Baggy literary accent, gently folded, leisurely attitude collocation a design distinctive T-shirt, send out a strong feel.

%Men clothes men wear suit in summer

men summer clothes double platoon buckle style suit

Select double platoon buckle style suit, in this one season is a wise choice, both elegant and fashionable, orange sunglasses add fashionable breath.

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%Men clothes men wear suit in summer

Khaki pants

May 24th, 2011 2 comments

khaki pants never go out of style. This summer, wear a khaki trousers, in classic between sexy and orthodox ducky. Men’s fashion and trend, lies in casual between details. Khaki pants source of inspiration for “be stained with the mud accented”. Far from British forces in 1848, in order to let the Harry Lumsden of his soldiers can in the heat of the Indian prairie better combat, invented a very fat pants. This kind of pants with the color of tea leaf extract is from the deep purple sauce dyed, and pretend to play the tan and Hindi called it “khaki”.

%Men clothes Khaki pants

Khaki pants 1

At present the tuyuhun is generally comfortable recreational pants, although color nearly 10 kinds of small deeply different levels, and it is still the most orthodox color that used to be called “like bemired” mud of color.

Concise design, comfort, and the leisure style, add pure cotton, cotton blended, it has different cloth lane demonstrates khaki trousers different textures, make the indispensable equipment becomes people one of all the year round.

Male khaki pants six fashionable rules

1. Color: denim fabric – of course, remove cowboy – often called outside khakis, English is khaki. This is not without reason, the reason lies in its color. After that, the sun is the essential khakis yellow-brown color.In fact, for all sorts of color for khaki when the right has first usage. For example, khaki pants, fade you can be used as the weekend outing of choices, brunet khaki trousers, become your daily job is dressed up, it is again appropriate did not pass.

2. Length: the length of the khaki trousers, both to the ankle, or is a bit like jeans on broken as edge, it is possible. But, what things a bit too much is bad. If your ankle khaki pants in the fabric of imaging mountain of as, still be so hurriedly seek a tailor give you change it.

%Men clothes Khaki pants

Khaki pants length

3. Pocket: normally, khaki pants were labeled four pocket pants. The two front, behind two. Of course, this is no problem.To explain, khaki pants rot version of the pocket, especially the two front pocket, best what all don’t pack. After all, who thighs were baggy are a very ugly thing, isn’t it?
Meanwhile, if you have a little tired of labeled four bag, so might as well consider khaki pants pocket khakis inclined, will give you life add trifling change it.

clothing manufacturers

4. Cutting: now, in our unceasing emphasized, you probably already know should avoid buying that front pleated pants! So we’ll tell you about the second point cut khakis.
Usually, straight leg pants, is the most common and most comfortable. OK, this is no problem. However, you may also want to try the thin version of khaki pants. The khaki pants fit slightly thin, with a little low waist element, is now the most popular design. Nevertheless, no matter be straight canister or ill-fitting, you need to determine the khaki can indeed surround your butt. Of course, also, placket tour will also can ensure the state of nature is good.

5. Material: if your pants contains nylon or man-made fiber, or that is iron free fabrics, so, this is not true khakis. The real khaki pants should be 100% cotton. At the same time, in the summer, you may be more needs to be washed cotton or poplin trousers, these fabrics than half the permeability of the surface line is better.

%Men clothes Khaki pants

Mens Khaki pants

6. Pants mouth: want to roll up pant leg, and do not want to seem pretentious? Also looks clean and neat? No problem. You only need to three refers to the width of a cycle for about two or three times, and roll fold, but remember, finally will get no pants mouth so smooth. Contain natural creases and abscesses are the best effect, it will create a unique urban yuppie gens flavor. Of course, ankle socks tees and well worth men learn well.

%Men clothes Khaki pants

4 point for man skin care

May 23rd, 2011 1 comment

Speaking of man skin care, most people pay more attention to the possibility is that various man skin care. But in fact, if you want to reach best man skin care effect, we also need to know some man skin care little knowledge, because they are directly affect the final man skin care effect, such as sunscreen, aerobic exercise, etc.

1, strengthen prevent bask in sunscreen is never a woman thing, more do not think that sunscreen is suntan for fear. In fact, with the emergence of the ozone hole, ultraviolet intensity is more and more big, the damage to human body also more and more serious, or how can have so-called “cancer”? And also by sunlight sunburn has happened. Accordingly, suggest broad male friends must set up the correct prevent bask in view, and bask in the excellent way to fight aging is, let you have a skin more energetic.

2, quit cigarettes although people know that smoking is harmful to health, but the number of smokers is is growing every year. And did you know, smoking is also against man skin care? Because smoking will let your skin to appear slack and wrinkles, color will become worse, therefore, quit cigarettes although seemingly unrelated with man skin care, but actually it’s everybody’s most people should focus on a man skin care little knowledge.

3, sleep is enough many women know after 10 p.m. the sleep time is called “your beauty sleep”, and enough sleep for cosmetic effect plays a very important influence, this point to the man skin care is no exception. Hardresser remind everybody, a good night’s sleep can help skin to normal detoxification and circulation, also can let your face looks more good. Accordingly, the proposal, who like nightlife regular life’d better develop routine, assure enough sleep time, so as to achieve the best man skin care effect, and more than any man skin care both work?

4, aerobic exercise for healthy and slimming speaking, aerobic exercise is an important aspect, and actually insist aerobic exercise, which is very helpful in the same man skin care. Because aerobic exercise can promote the metabolism and blood circulation, help eduction body endotoxin, the face nature also. Therefore, adhere to the aerobic exercise, but very important man skin care little knowledge? Sunscreen, quit smoking, sleep is enough, insist on the aerobic exercise, the four man skin care little knowledge to the man the final effects are skin plays an extremely important role. Although various man skin care are indispensable, but the above four man skin care little knowledge but can let men skin effect more outstanding.

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%Men clothes 4 point for man skin care

About my swimming trunk

May 22nd, 2011 1 comment

Today is weekend, nervous working for a week, and finally can rest.
Very happy today and friends to go swimming, although I swim very poor. : P
The friend ask why should I wear a such strange swim trunks, I very mysterious told them that this is a very popular recently design, TOM asked me where I can buy this line of swimming trunks, I told him, this is a secret.
Actually, this is really a secret, because of the swimming trunks with a fitness pants, is my reconstructed, LOL, they are cheated. the Most attentively men’s fashion blog.

%Men clothes About my swimming trunk
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