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how should choose mens leather shoes?

At present, the men’s shoes brand on the market very much, many brand are under the banner of quality first sell vinegar, hang sheep for the quality of the men on your shoes how should choose?

men leather shoes

First shoes bottom has cortex and colloid two kinds big. Good quality cortical sole, the surface light smooth, color uniformity, no staining, stains and scars, unifor thickness; The sound with finger, feeling is very solid ringing, fingerprint. The sole flexibility plump, tensile strength and wear resistance. Good quality glial sole, smooth surface consistent, decorative pattern and tidy, each pattern should be bright complete corner. Look from flank, cut-side uniform meticulous without impurities, no size granular organization, no uneven thickness phenomenon; With the hand, should have good toughness and elastic feeling. If adhesive leather shoes, to check whether the agglutinate for hemline strict, level off, can not have the space, du glue phenomenon. Men Leather shoes have a smooth leather and opposite two. Good quality smooth leather shoes, grain, slippery flat face evenly degree wrinkles and meticulous, without wound; Brightness, color uniformity, colour and lustre is bright, bright, no shade and shades of phenomenon. Fingers appeared, pressing leather face evenly, let the fingers tiny wrinkles and fine lines and died after; Fingerprint feeling soft elastic, not lubrication, abound, and leather stiff unifor thickness moderately. Good quality opposite leather shoes, surface, soft and fluffy, color is consistent, uniform without thick long fiber and staining stain, without obvious wrinkles and scars, touch and feel smooth leather shoes the same. The permeability of leather shoes in the worst. General natural leather shoes permeability good, especially the pig leather are best, because pigskin pore several times more than cowhide pore coarse, pore eye also much, khan gas easy eduction. But leather as commonly so beautiful, leather shoes are designed pig lippi inside, cowhide outside.

Of course, what with cowhide points cattlehide layers of, head layer is the best, now a lot of leisure shoes are made with head layer cowhide, the price also is not too expensive.

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