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Manchester united’s suit

If anybody can get more decent footballer way, I think for Paul Smith.

On May 28th the London wembley stadium before the champions league final, Manchester United released the suits, let originally broad-brush athletes of people think the fashionable change with dye-in-the-wood flavour of England gentleman. The Manchester united’s suit gray suit and red tie collocation, look reminds one of red and black primarily hits with AC MILAN. Tonight the focus of global fans, GQ battle for Mr. Smith of the brief interview, we have a look.

Manchester united's suit

Manchester united's suit

Q:why would you choose to gray and gules collocation?
A:I’m attracted by gray, grey could represent except black A good choice, outside burgandy red and gray supplement it looks pretty good.

What are the athletes to these suits and modelling is very interested? Generally speaking, they are pretty good, especially for evaluation of suit of cultivate one’s morality of praises, and in fact suit lines is soft, because its production material is pure sheep woolen behind, so on very comfortably.

As for the athletes, tailor any need to be aware of? Obviously, football players thighs and bottom than the average man much bigger.

Q:you on how to maintain glamorous after long-distance bus any good Suggestions?
A:bus try not to wear A jacket, then make sure you tie not too long nor too short, tie don’t hit big Windsor knots, playing A simple knots is OK, coat to keep A button buckle on.

Personally, I’m very much like this Manchester united’s suit, absolutely too perfect.

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