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who will win the cpampins league

Today is the weekend, time has passed.

I insist on a daily update an article, the collocation of the man’s clothing method tell everyone. I’m very happy.

Now my blog every day there are more than 50 friends come to browse, opinion is still good, hope my efforts can make more friends to get help.

Tomorrow morning, is a champions league final, Manchester united VS Barcelona.Don’t know friends think which team will win the game?
I am an Arsenal fan, so, I will support Manchester united, because they belong to the premier league.

The game will be the year’s most important a game, which team can win the “big ears cup”, will get close to $100 million return, believe two club boss would have to wait?But I am most concerned or the players performance.

Say first Manchester united:

Manchester united

Manchester united

1: Ryan giggs scandal, don’t know such a thing Revelations in before the final , whether before Barcelona wanted, but definitely not Manchester united hope, but I think as a 38-year-old veteran, not because it affected. After all, he is so hope to use a champion to say goodbye to a football.
2: Berbatov or Hernandez:
Personally, I think the game will let the Berbatov play first, all in all Hernandez is “maybe I just shot shot twice, but the second shot can score”.




1: Lionel messi, admittedly, he was a genius, but recall messi has not goals in Britain.
2: Carles puyol, age problem, injury problems.
3: Xavi, if be Fletcher or ji-sung park on May misfired.

Is a person’s idea.

Can enjoy this kind of race is really lucky.

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