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write for men skin care

Men and women born of the different structure, skin glands of the sebaceous glands and men than women, skin acidity than women, secrete leather fat and high on their faces and bodies sweat is much, the hair also thick and thick. Besides, men more often than women in terms of hard environment in a variety of hard physical labor, the rugged, especially, the skin more susceptible to pollution, black, become rough. Therefore, men of skin should be more scientific and reasonable care and maintenance.

Man four points winter skin care

Adhere to massage

Massage can make the skin surface aging cells to fall off in time, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin breath, using the sebaceous glands and sweat secretion increased skin nutrition, improve skin cells vigor, which makes skin gloss and elastic.

The method is: first massage face with some massage cream, then fingers down facial skin texture from the bottom on guoquan type massage, everyday early and late when washing a face, massage for every 10 minutes. After massage, rinse the dry, besmear convergence water can.

Correct shaving ( men shave 5 knack )

Man’s beard grow fast, some people still special thick beard, need often shaving, a shave. In the morning shave should choose, because right now the face and skin are in relaxed state. Want to choose good quality, stimulating small shaving cream, soap and mild shaving water. First, net surface pores open and relaxed to begin again become soft beard shaving. When operating sequence temples, cheeks, neck from around the lips and chin. After shaving with warm water wash my face ( How to wash men face ), reoccupy cold water rushed again, favors open pore contractive recover. Later, put some moist fluid, frost, skin, reduce to soothe pricked. In addition, usually avoid by all means is pulled by hand or tweezers to avoid confusion beard and kill bacteria cause folliculitis, delighting, pore evaginate, thus damage dermatosis such as skin.

Don’t smoke

Want your appearance clean luster, men must quit smoking. Because, cigarettes contains many types of harmful substances, such as nicotine and tar, carbon monoxide, etc., which can harm human health, and make the skin gloomy without light. Smoke like life, light is dry, many wrinkles looks gloomy show old, dark brown, eyesight, teeth hearing is abate, heavy then have cancer.

Sunscreen antifreeze

Often in outdoor assignments and activities of men, to prevent bask in, winter antifreeze in summer. Don’t forget to prepare some summer out such sunscreen, frost of protective product, in case the skin sunburn. The connoisseur thinks, skin from spring, although bask in the spring and summer sorching burning sun without dry, windy, however, less cloudiness, sunny, ultraviolet ray very strongly. Therefore, in April sunscreens can use. Winter season out with some grease or anti-freezing creams, prevent frostbite or chapping face. Sleep at night with some moist frost, if cracked lips, can use some lipstick, make the skin to get sufficient nutrition and keep them moist luster.

Additionally, men with simple foundation winter skin protect skin to taste is given priority to, including grandma, lotion, relaxed emulsion, etc

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