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the real fashion color

the real fashion color

In talking about “swinging London” agitation, must mention photographers David Bailey. As a fashion photographer in the history of the first celebrities, he captures the rise of high street fashion. David Bailey with cameras in the “modern left many that family playing cool scene -” the most popular literary medium-sized close-fitting clipping the Italian suits wearing motorcycle driving Vespa, avant-garde women wear a miniskirt and stamped on all, show the stiletto heels for mainstream thought about attitude that is bold and unconstrained and wonderful. But most importantly, he used his own photography presents a unique perspective, that is the big stars dressed have been excessive rendering, pointless and value. The real fashion not imitate others, but should try to highlight personality.

Crazy with delicate cool feeling elements Dandy in this series of single product in everywhere, colorful plaid shirt, straightforward and full of strength of tooling, lozenge jacquard sweater and Scottish style dress, etc, all sending out of his times unique, not orderly breath.

1960s london fashion

1960s london fashion

Especially in is known as “the beginning of the” era of garment of the 1960s, charm with strong self expression attitude of street fashion began to rise with David Bailey, whether Terence Donovan brings “Swing” (London) Swing in London, or cheap, but discarded paper skirt, and even those with punk means rebel fashion, their occurrence is to traditional “from top to bottom” dress popular way threw a bomb. And with rock youth, students, working-class formed “subculture” groups, also began to advocate Yourself, they Do It with relatively cheap fabrics and “a garment reengineering” gimmick, make street fashion show of not stick to prosperity.

Especially in the plus hue, for men understand ring

Is dress men clothing color first impression that it senses, has the greatly strengthened attraction to let it get incisively and vividly in outfit, must fully understand the play to the characteristics of color. Properly applied colors of two kinds of perception, not only can amend, conceal figure is insufficient, and can emphasize highlight your advantages.

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