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How to wear men jeans

Thin men – optional straight cylinder jeans, upper body matchs loose shirt, then fasten belt, can appear elegant.

The waist and hips are larger men – appropriate chooses straight tube jeans and note upper-body adornment, can be worn with printing t-shirts or lengthy coat. If not, the lower abdomen is outstanding, hip upper loose, may choose the medium, in subdued colors worn with jeans, upper body of bright color coat, make visual focus, reduce abdominal moved to the bottom protruding feeling.

Hip flat men – optional hip have seams or have pockets pattern such as jeans, shirt in the trousers to increase the beam hips heft, and fasten belt to round the hips. These practices applies equally to the hips thin.

Waist of men — unfavorable choose decorate a pair of jeans. Shirts should be put in their pants don’t bundle into trousers, upper body can wear jeans within upload or vest, to hide thick waist.

The collocation of a man’s clothing wear pants of wang 8s 2

Leg fine men – optional pant leg slightly wider jeans, but should avoid, and unfavorable trouser rolled worn with hard shoes. Otherwise, will be more exposed thin legs defects.

Leg thick men – appropriate chooses line loose straight canister or made larger jeans, dark blue or black can and will fasten belt, upper body clothes should be appropriate exquisite some; But unfavorable wear pants mouth or trouser leg narrow two-lane jeans, so that a visually decrease as far as possible to the attention of the legs.

Short legs men – appropriate chooses straight cylinder long to ankle jeans, but don’t have pants up such as horizontal cylinder, otherwise, it will make the adornment of leg appear shorter.

The collocation of a man’s clothing wear pants trick

Hip hypertrophy of men – appropriate chooses dark, fit and smooth jeans, trousers before had better have pockets, can let hip seems not so large. Don’t buy hip pocket, have the kind of big passage jeans, and tight jeans narrow legs nor appropriate, because these patterns can make hip appears larger.

Hip little men – can wear any form of jeans, but if you want to make hip appears have type, had better choose and buy a big bag behind the jeans, a horizontal line.

O-shape leg of men or is short of men — can choose the side adornment line straight cylinder pants, or from top to bottom, the legs gradually narrowed to conceal the leg jeans defects.


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