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Man’s eyes

The United States a woman is the most concerned about the “male facial features,” survey of 100 females, follow-up, 82 female chose “eyes”. Man’s eyes is not lie. As all madly-cling, he should have a pair of seemingly warm, but can glance through others’ eyes. So, with a pair of sharp bright eyes man is very lucky, in capturing prey, they will usually ShouDaoQinLai.

Nowadays, many men have with moisturizing cream after cleansing the habit. But I found many men still can’t wipe eye frostlike powder, they always feel that, if use creams, everything is all right. In fact, this is the male maintenance error!

General program that protect skin, is in after clean face, apply with eye first point to an abdomen in eye week part slapping, gently press until completely absorbed eye cream, then wipe moisturizing cream in the face. Someone will ask: “boy useful the necessary eye?” The skin is more thin eyes parts, and eye muscles are to rely on elastic fibers in support, if the surrounding cells did not active, arrangement, again not dense, one eye problems will appear. So, don’t forget the importance of frost, it can make your eyes more expression. Overkill said, if the face maintenance can only choose one, it is certainly eye frost.

In addition to wipe, eye also need to apply eye cream eye mask, usually two to three times a week. Especially in dry winter, again more need moisturizing eye skin wet. In addition, go out don’t forget to wear sunglasses – way against ultraviolet harm, and avoid sandstorm into the eyes. Remember! The sun glasses not star’s patent, it is designed to protect the eyes.


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