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men clothes mix chiral

Chiral 1: man needs some clothes?

Overalls and sportswear to divorce. For some people. Overalls is suit. But everyone must buy a set of high quality dark suits, in response to formal occasion.

Most people’s eyes suit are all the same. In fact latest suit and old money suits fashionable feeling make a big difference. New suit H form, the one with three tablets four of the clasp, colour is deep and dark. Tie and jacket, ma3 jia3 coessential concolorous lubricious, shirt, more little more narrow lapels.

Recreational outfit is truly men’s clothing. Can be seen from the casual man almirah side of life, express individual character and thoughts.

Chiral 2: men’s match four rule

Texture is uniform such as pure hemp coat paint leather shoes, will not unified. Innovation is “not more than one’s inclinations rules”. Knitting pin sweaters, jeans, FanMao leather shoes, is the texture is uniform examples.

Uniform color not sure people among black and tonal, multi-purpose multi-purpose subtraction. Another four color: blue grasp the men’s clothing system (including black to move, cold tonal), brown department (warm color attune), colorful color (sportswear multi-purpose), shallow light color fastens (spring summer hold multi-purpose). Also note that in a costume using the same color.

Short jacket unified form to waist, should be penciling the potbellied man always careful choice. Trousers is to hang on hip, attached to the “general thestomach” trousers, rather than under wrapped in the belly.

Dress uniform won’t match close, alike, for insurance. Most men’s clothing more “whole”, pay attention to detail varies to break and drive.

3: man almirah hands is the most Jane list

“Fewer but better” principle applied in structure is the best. You want to configure clothes for:
Being installed: dark high quality suits; Leisure suit.
Recreational outfit: sweater (different brought type) movement type down jacket, t-shirts, fashionable dress shirt, jacket, outside wear vest, casual,
Dust coat, coat, coats; Jeans, leisure trousers, DengXin RongKu, ShuiXiBu pants, shorts, shorts.

Attention suit details
Male suit is not the uniform of 1000 people one side, the magic lies in the shape of personal style. The heart of the floating appeared shrugged off the subtle, is male, also suit the cream of the wearer as a aesthetic taste and appreciate level place.
1. The suit brought the work collar: for personal hobbies sample varies. Including rhombohedrons type and sword with custom elegance type brought to grow perceptibly, shawls work appears luxurious grand. Width for 8-10 cm of ordinary rhombohedrons type was brought can make most men appear chest wide. ’70s was brought width had become very large, some become warped type was brought on almost touch shoulders.
But in recent years and continued to refute brought width narrow. Meanwhile, business people in the “business”, unfavorable wear too wide barge, otherwise it will bring to not too grave feeling. Others like a slightly narrower was brought, think it will make the person appear tall and elegant.

General fat man was brought might narrow some; Instead, skinny people its was brought some wider, this can be slightly, can make the chest appears full some. Secondly, face longer person, want to wear brought short jacket on, because from the face recently, so bring on the long, bring the longer, moonfaced appears on men, it may be chosen bring longer style.

2. Shoulder type: the basic style suits shoulder there are four main kinds. One is the natural shoulder shape that don’t use shoulder not exaggerated, shoulder shoulder more close shoot type. Two is to hang down shoulder type, the whole shoulder, slightly rounded shoulders sagging, wear rise very generous, ordinary American jacket use this shoulder type more. Three is square shoulders slightly shoulder, curl, very suitable shrugged people dressed in, can ease, lighten the shrug characteristic, give a person a kind of downy impression. Four is concave shoulder, shoulder, segel people wearing very appropriate, European style suit many use this shoulder type.

3. Pocket: stick a bag have a casual style, more formal suit should use the embedding bag. Bag bore make hip parts appear wide trend, for too stout, you should use without bag cover of embedding bag.

4. Back: suit the adornment is the only authentic back riding openings or edge openings. The suit is commonly used in European openings, this can add riding grow elegant feeling. Edge openings especially suitable for like put his hands in his pockets. Hip is too wide open the person wearing panties up suit can improve edge of visual effects, no openings suit has elegant traditional style.

5. Length: to suit jacket length, countries identical. British workers jacket is longer, american-style european-style shortest followed. Suitable for yourself Qiao length on dressed, there is a simple calculation method, is when you stand, from neck calculate play ground distance 1/2 for the best. For shorter people, jacket from hip circumference hem of about 1.5 centimeters in moving upward. This will make leg show long, symmetrical some.

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