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Spring and summer of 2011, with the most practical rule

Warm new rules

If you give in life is too strong an impression, perhaps not so good popularity. Suggest that you have to try the most popular earth tones, give yourself a new image of soft, so her friends can feel your warmth. Earth colors, including colors: beige, camel, wheat yellow, brick red, tea color and so on.

With the highlights:

Beige jacket and white cotton trousers with a casual, easy to get the image of the gentle gentleman, slightly rolled up trousers can not be ignored, once fashionable up to rely on these small details.


Sailing adventure song

50 to 60 years of last century, the Navy became the world’s favorite military battle, the Navy’s lives in many classic films were interpreted as your heart is also planted a sailing dream, right? Longing for the waves to control the heroic and free adventure. Every spring and summer season, the classic striped shirt to become a popular sea-single product active. So many years, and only the blue is no exit from this season, had fashion arena.

With the highlights:

Various blue long shorts, or loose casual, or cut small, are you like a hot bath clear single product.





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