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6 principle for men clothing wear

April 27th, 2011 No comments

Many men are nerve-racking for how to collocation men clothes,now I give you 6 principle:


1, color collar:
Suitable for hope its own distinctive enthusiasm man. Collarband is a dress, where the most eye-catching in most eye-catching place with the most eye-catching expression of personality, will let you to achieve purpose.

2, vertical stripes decorated small round neck:
Makes no sense, vertical stripes, three puzzling to whole of casual wear ordinary for wonderful. Suitable for youthful vigor dynamic man.

3, the charm of jeans
Timeless jeans.every men should have own men jeans.

4, a small open collar:
Do not attach importance for the appearance, dress up a bit on the low-key man. A small open collar, to personal taste manifested without modification, it seems sloppy, but look at very romantic.

5, a small cross-collar:
For law-abiding, to compare advocates moderation in dress for men. A law-abiding, sweater, the collar has a small cross-unemotional, fashion sense arises spontaneously.

6, heart-shaped collar slightly exaggerated:
Suitable for mature, but introverted man.
Let your garment expressions to express your heart enthusiasm.


Just follow the above principles, your clothes collocation must not very poor.


%Men clothes 6 principle for men clothing wear

men mesh hat of DELUXE

April 26th, 2011 No comments

Japanese street fashion brands DELUXE launch  MESH HAT of spring and summer season in 2011.

DELUXE again launched Men Mesh Hat as its classical design, can roll out quarterly. The adopted net surface spring and summer season design, light weight, good permeability, material of polyester materials, head shape design, is the comfort of the spring and summer of perfect collocation.

%Men clothes men mesh hat of DELUXE

%Men clothes men mesh hat of DELUXE
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men’s wear 6 key words (2)

April 25th, 2011 No comments

4. splicing trousers
A little unruly in the vaguely classical, one with stripes or plaid print decorative stitching dress pants to wake up your mind, highlighting the challenge the traditional clothing attitude. Note to narrow feet and double-slit pleated as the selection criteria, this design allows the legs more mobile beauty walks, but still keep your slim fashion lines.

%Men clothes men’s wear 6 key words (2)

keyword4 for men clothes splicing trousers

5. Coverall
Coverall clothing for men got new interpretation in this one season , not rigidly adhere to a simple form tooling wind, but do it more personal and tailored properly, extremely detailed designs for Teddy to become Aspect lot, You do not need to bother with the other accessories to add detail highlights.

%Men clothes men’s wear 6 key words (2)

keyword5 for men summer

6. bright shorts
Light-colored shorts are one of the summer essential equipment, compared with light-colored shirt, shorts will highlight summer means more prominent, with a plain light-colored shorts and shirt to match is the best choice, if you frequented the beach, a strong upper body is Is its best match.

%Men clothes men’s wear 6 key words (2)

keyword6 bright shorts for men

This is the six keywords of men summer fashion mix,hope you can feel clothing bring you charm in this hot summer.

%Men clothes men’s wear 6 key words (2)

men’s wear 6 key words (1)

April 25th, 2011 1 comment

I put together for you this summer men’s wear 6 key words, Choose a will match a good effect, of course, you’d better do this six key words single choice, multiple choice is still the complex will make you look nondescript.

1: loose vest
Not just the close vest to make you more masculine, a bit of loose texture and large openings understand your breast shape look more sexy.

%Men clothes mens wear 6 key words (1)

keyword1 for mens summer wear

2. leather texture
Leather is no longer patent of winter clothing, The use of summer more diversified material, high quality leather by the washing process, especially prominent in the season, for example, a hole in suede, patent leather, such as paper-like thin, beautiful leather, perforated calfskin And ultra-soft washed lambskin, can give you the feeling of cool ventilation.

%Men clothes mens wear 6 key words (1)

men's fashion in summer keyword2

3. silk shirt
Excellent texture of silk shirts came back to T station, Texture thin is the key, to avoid the surface is too glossy, so you look very “visible “, with silk short sleeve shirt Do not buckle too tight, Inside collocation vest is right choice.

%Men clothes mens wear 6 key words (1)

men clothings keyword3 for summer mix

This is the 3 keyword in whole 6 for men fashion.

%Men clothes mens wear 6 key words (1)

mens knitting belt

April 24th, 2011 No comments

Men’s frequent recent show many style knit belt, Fine processing all show man charming elegant image.

Knit belt can bring a more eye-catching outfit plain bright spot, immediately improve people keep returning.

But you need to be aware that not all of the clothes are suitable for knitting waistband, must choose a color is tie-in appropriate, and style similar pants. Don’t put a formal pants collocation the men’s knitting belt.

%Men clothes mens knitting belt

%Men clothes mens knitting belt