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6 principle for men clothing wear

Many men are nerve-racking for how to collocation men clothes,now I give you 6 principle:


1, color collar:
Suitable for hope its own distinctive enthusiasm man. Collarband is a dress, where the most eye-catching in most eye-catching place with the most eye-catching expression of personality, will let you to achieve purpose.

2, vertical stripes decorated small round neck:
Makes no sense, vertical stripes, three puzzling to whole of casual wear ordinary for wonderful. Suitable for youthful vigor dynamic man.

3, the charm of jeans
Timeless jeans.every men should have own men jeans.

4, a small open collar:
Do not attach importance for the appearance, dress up a bit on the low-key man. A small open collar, to personal taste manifested without modification, it seems sloppy, but look at very romantic.

5, a small cross-collar:
For law-abiding, to compare advocates moderation in dress for men. A law-abiding, sweater, the collar has a small cross-unemotional, fashion sense arises spontaneously.

6, heart-shaped collar slightly exaggerated:
Suitable for mature, but introverted man.
Let your garment expressions to express your heart enthusiasm.


Just follow the above principles, your clothes collocation must not very poor.