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Men clothes color mix

I do in this industry, there are often dressed up with some friends asked me the skills and the use of some color, it is dress up this thing, everyone’s temperament and personality preferences otherwise different in each of us is not there the same expression.

Temperament more vivid, like moving type, think about the color comparison can be lively, more colorful, there are activities, style of dress and accessories. Or relatively demure compared elegant, but want to wear something stylish, you can consider some fundamental color to match.
If is relatively cool, it must be the preferred color Hyun, Oh, to be dressed in a smart person, not everyone can do, I’ll give everyone a better reference to the first volume of knowledge, in order to avoid Some like to dress up but do not know she bought the friends with peers.

First, the necessary number of fundamental models (Mens clothes). Such as: white shirt, black shirt, color straight jeans, color V Neck thin sweater, dark blue jeans. This is the case regardless of the prevalence of each season how to change the tide of these basic models can be used with their clothes on, they can think about some of the basic models dressed up and singing a good fabric texture more refined brand, because these clothes can be worn several quarters or a few years.

Second, select a color for himself. Different color for each person, is divided into spring and summer-and winter-type skin color, is very suitable for some people the superb degree of bright colors of clothes, such as red, orange, bright yellow and so on, but some degree of color wear these superb expression will be very dark color or pale. Some very suitable for black, gray, khaki and other colors with the color gray. Therefore, to understand their patience and their own color most suitable color. So buy from the clothes will buy some, look at pleasing the time to go back but the situation can not wear, causing some did not have to waste.
For example, if you really like blue and white, nature itself is also more lively and active sense, we might not think about the fall classic red, white and blue lines do buy their own dress for the theme of color, which is What kind of a mix of color will not fall so that your new clothes and old clothes will be easy to match with each other, and can make a different mix of results.
If prefer black, appearance and temperament is relatively cool, you can consider, black, white, gray main color of the clothes. While these are just a metaphor, not about all the clothes are dark colors, the clothes are not all about bright colors, say people would like to change at any time a unified style, do some other style changes, like me, their is the active type. So I wear red, white and blue clothes more.
In addition, I also like the Military-style, so I will buy military green, camouflage, khaki clothes. While pretending to look cool occasionally. Will be some black, white, gray-style clothes. The key is to effectively match. Otherwise the body style of clothes should be a style.
Is not about following suit, the following activities to wear pants, foot wear sandals in the match. While there are cool people who dare to play, play is very sharp with good skilled artist, will play bad very funny. Less likely to play and who dare to play with color, it is best compared with the same color of the insurance, if you are a skilled artist colors, it is certainly the most attractive color with hit play, and also the most innovative spirit.
Talk about the following mix of skills in several colors

Gray – from the high-colored – White ( in especial for men wear )

As a monochrome black and white, and from black to white between several types that can produce gray conceived, that the black,gray,white, also said that we often no color lines, men’s dress in the color system is also the content can not be ignored, especially as represented by the gray mouse, it is navy blue tie with the terms of office uniform, black and white have been fundamentally been identified as a formal dress color, it served both as the funeral dress or wedding dress , all seem so calm and stable, although they have a strong monotonous existence, it is with any of the lightness of the color combinations together, features are very prominent. However, no color lines in the portfolio consisting of dress, from pure white to pure color  just produced a brightness change, if it does not have to participate in a certain color as an accent color, it will produce no clear-cut birth weight and feel too special. Then this tone color combinations, with matching the color of it? Best not to select the opacity and color, color selection and it is not too much less than the best qualified of the three colors. Combination of gray and brown, when placed in full dress in a little blue on it, which can be used in the blue bag, tie, etc..

Blue – from deep navy blue – bright blue

Blue is considered the highest rate of men wearing the color, navy blue men is permanently on the fundamental colors, so it came in the first three primary colors of men’s dress, the other two are on a gray and brown Se Ji, ranked the fourth is green, so the life of every man did have one to three sets of city, dressed in the blue line, which is normal.
Let us think of the blue sky, ocean, so it is as a package with a fresh sense of the delineation of color, it creates the old, clear, crisp abstraction is very popular; same time, the navy given the kind of person sensible, dignified, aloof man much respected impression; other, otherwise a characteristic dark blue is it that heavy sense of color, although different from the heavy black, but in some cases they can replace the black, Therefore, in dark navy blue uniforms made of that gives a strong, so often it elected the first choice for office uniform color is very principles.

(A) of the same blue color combination as the center

Like the bright, fresh colors of people dressed up wearing a blue color, they can with white, beige and other color systems, or yellow orange, blood orange and other color systems made of gold as a contrast color to the mix the ratio of these colors do not big, but it can play the role of stress and dotting.

(B) Comparison of blue color combinations for the central

In a contrasting color combinations to wear with time, often in contrasting colors of yarn in the pattern of stripes or blue mixed with a certain way into the system, so that echoed harmony. Download dark gray suit with blue and soil combined with the color of light blue shirts formed by the formation of vertical harmonic echoes up and down results. Blue vest and striped shirt with a blue line combinations, only red and pink combination is the most vibrant hope and vitality, full of prance sense, fashionable color combinations.

Clothing is a men’s appearance, but also on behalf of his aesthetic, and clothing colors is the key.
I hope this article can make you more about what mix of men’s clothing.

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