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Man skin care

April 30th, 2011 2 comments


men skin care

men skin care

This article will tell you some ways to better protect man skin.

Recall that in a film footage of the most sexy, except those directly stimulating sensory hot bed scene, many hero bath lens also became people long ponder picture. Bath, also can be very sexy things, even if it does not be given more meaning. Now please follow our actor HuoTong bath process to try his sexy bathing experience it.

Want to let a bathing hot rise, this first step but ten million cannot careless, bath dew choice is very important. In sorching summer, bath product to had better choose clean force, but also contains appease calm skin composition bath product. In the summer of more sweat choose some clean force good product everyone understand, but don’t ignore the summer sunshine relish for skin damage. Some minerals, trace elements and plant essential oil components can be well replenish insolate next lost in nutrients. Now many bath products contain balmy composition, use over these products than the faint scent after perfume come more natural, more attractive.

Use of the absolute body emulsion is an unavoidable step. And because the body skin on the vision and touch in facial ministry skin often good, a lot of people, especially men just natural ignored to body plus this layer nursing. Actually the body skin many problems exist in several times instrumentation amplifier off showed his true colours: weather-shack, pore bulky, dead skin phenomenon, the body skin layer severe water shortages. These problems with the naked eye is it’s hard to watch out, whereas if you insist to use body emulsion, all these symptoms can be solved. A little older men also can use some tight skin effect body emulsion, so they could very well to prevent the body skin flabby and aging phenomenon. Don’t think that use body emulsion is very feminine behavior, skin bad men don’t recruit people like it.


Knitting watch

April 29th, 2011 1 comment

Bottega Veneta, high-quality handcraftsmanship is famous, is a luxury life signs. It recently Girard Perregaux with Swiss watch tycoon cooperation, of its own first watch — BVX.

This wrist watch for both men and women wear, special temperament and practical function sets at a suit, Bottega Veneta low-key costly always implement the philosophy. This kind of neuter wrist watch has grind arenaceous deep titanium color solitary form buckles, dial for brown; And cigar color alligator strap. Full of nature of quiet feeling relaxed loomed figure, at the same time reveals elegant temperament.


the history of tie

April 28th, 2011 No comments

The tie originated in the 17th century of war in Europe, they use the Croatian mercenaries around the neck with a fixed neckline filar towel, this method was gradually adopted by French society. Later, the French ministers will tie a white in BoLing scarf, and in front of the tie, make a beautiful like this, the symbol of tie became nobility.

The 19th century, the end of the tie is becoming more and more long, gradually evolved into a tie, the tie criterion gradually become no longer fashionable, became a symbol of the old. But in today’s society, the tie is again by people know, and used in large amounts. Some people wear relatively relaxed dinner tie attend cocktail parties, or the evening’s activities. And in fact, the tie so far are considered the most solemn and is the only man collarband decoration.

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The United States IT leader favourite leisure style

April 28th, 2011 1 comment

On everyone’s expectations, attended the conference iPad2 jobs. This is considered, computer and entertainment industry icon from the successful businessman, to thin, he had been fat hasn’t changed, is the high-necked recreational unlined upper garment is tie-in jeans, sneakers clad style.

Had 13 straight year, Forbes billionaires charts the gates, is a motivational idols. Life, he isn’t particularly exquisite of clothing, pursue that USA set of lifestyle.

This looks like a beautiful the FBI or the man, is a high-ranking CIA intel-based former CEO, he also like a college football coach, is not like a CEO isn’t it?

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clothing collocation of men’s suits

April 27th, 2011 No comments

Every man may wear a suit, how to avoid embarrassment and gaffes?Please pay attention to the following details:

1, suit for the overall image of color suit, so the mass-tone of the shirt, tie, shoes, socks, belt must match with suit, ordinary matching color relatively do not exceed 3 kinds color.

2, dressed in bar or grid fabric suit, then must be no shirt tie bar or grid; Dressed in bar or grid fabric shirt, then suit tie must be no bar or grid; The same is true for ties.

3, dark suits light color shirts.

4, skin black people don’t wear yellow, skin white man is not a worry. Note: apparel color must and skin hair color photograph harmony.



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